About Us

Chify Nigeria Limited is an indigenous Nigerian company with a great wealth of Experience in Mechanical, Construction, Civil and Electrical Engineering.

How we came about:
The intensive production of oil in Port Harcourt region of South-Eastern Nigeria generated the need for a large number of supporting industries, Welding, particularly for the construction of crude oil storage facilities and transportation systems, is the single most important area that up to now has been monopolized by multinationals.

This Led to young unqualified apprentices who were serving under these multinationals to form their own mushroom companies, which however were handicapped by both inexperience and lack of equipment. The result obviously was the poor standard of work which fell short of both British gas and API standards. Predictably, projects were delayed by excessive repair work or outright failure of the facilities during testing.

This lamentable state of affairs induced a group of professional field engineers to found an oil field construction company that could compete on an equal basis with the multinational corporations and work to the highest international standards. Hence CHIFY NIGERIA LIMITED was born.

During the past nine years, CHIFY NIGERIA LIMITED has successfully completed a large number of projects for Elf, SPDC, AGIP, NAFCON, and many others.

Also to combat the challenges that oil production presents to the environment CHIFY NIGERIA LIMITED established and environmental study department to handle

Environmental Impact analysis
Baseline studies of oil field
Well effluent/discharge decontamination programs

Technical Experience & Strenght
Chify Nigeria Limited has over 23 years experience, having been in the oil/gas Construction industry since 1988 and has worked variously for major oil Companies in the Niger Delta Region and beyond, handling for them several jobs in land and seasonally flooded areas.

Facility Routine Maintenance and Piping Contract Onshore/Offshore TEPNG
Vessel Cleaning and Inspection Offshore/onshore – TEPNG
Scaffolding and Work platform Structures- TEPNG
Pipeline Fabrication,Construction and Oil field Supplies-TEPNG/SHELL,AGIP. ETC