Management & HSE Policies

CHIFY NIGERIA LIMITED is committed to providing a safe healthy workplace for its employees and contractors. Management believes that an effective safety program is based on the following philosophy:

Zargon is a good corporate citizen and believes that it is important to protect the health and safety of its employees, contractors and the public.
Safety is an integral component of a good business plan. Working safely boosts employee morale, reduces costs and increases profitability.
Development, implementation, and maintenance of an effective safety program require the commitment of the entire Chify team.
    This includes management, employees and contractors.

Any worker has the right and responsibility to refuse to do work in an unsafe manner.
Appropriate training is essential to be able to work safely.

CHIFY will conduct and expects its employees and contractors to conduct company operations according to applicable laws and regulations as well as Chify’s safety policies and procedures. Everyone employee of Chify is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management Manual.

Executive management will provide the resources and authority to implement and maintain the program and will periodically assess its effectiveness. Managers and supervisors will ensure equipment maintenance programs are being followed, ensure that appropriate employee and contractor training is in place, identify safety needs, communicate hazards, investigate incidents and accidents, and
supply and enforce the use of appropriate personal protective equipment and clothing.

Employees and contractors are expected to obey all safety rules, follow recommended procedures, use personal protective equipment and clothing, communicate hazards, ensure equipment is maintained, and assist with ongoing improvements to Chify’s HSE Management Manual.

Employees and contractors who knowingly violate safety rules may face disciplinary action, dismissal and/or legal action. Individuals, including visitors, who are negligent in fulfilling their safety responsibilities will be held accountable and may be liable under the law.
Fulfilling our safety responsibilities helps create a safe workplace which benefits everyone employed by the company as well as all of society.