Quality Assurance & Control

Quality assurance and quality control services from CHIFY – assure the quality of all materials, structures, components and systems utilized in the construction, manufacturing and operation of your industrial facilities.

Our on-site quality assurance and quality control services include:

QA of the organizations involved in the construction, manufacture and operation of your facility
Review of specifications, procedures and specified standards utilized on the construction site
Monitoring materials testing
Inspection, witnessing or verification to establish the quality of a material, structure or system during manufacturing
Factory acceptance tests of installations and equipment
Pre-shipment inspections and loading supervision during the transportation phase
Monitoring storage methods and preventive maintenance systems of plant equipment before and during installation
Organization and implementation of record retention systems

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Quality Support:
At Chify Nigeria Limited quality support management is of high priority: hence ensuring client satisfaction. Our focus is on reinforcing our culture of excellence and continuous improvement through our programs with an emphasis on the following key elements:

Quality Leadership
Operations Performance
Business Excellence
Quality Alerts
Knowledge Management
Supplier / Subcontractor Management

We direct our efforts towards evaluating and mitigating safety, health, environmental, asset integrity and reliability risks, as well as business and community impacts, to continually improve performance, in accordance with established guidelines, metrics and targets.