Tank Lining & Corrosion Handling

With a large pool of qualified liners and project managers to draw from, Chify Nigeria Limited is equipped to handle all the logistics and execution of virtually any sized field coating or field lining application.

The oil tank was suffering from pitting in its structure as a result of corrosion. Following a survey of its internals linings would be required to both repair the damage present and prevent further corrosion.

Tank lining and coating services: Capabilities include coating inspection, failure analysis, surface preparation, lining application, and site maintenance programs. Types of containment linings and coatings feature chemical, corrosion, impact, moisture, weather, and UV resistance; cleanability; and light-tight integrity. Floor resurfacing, refinishing, repair, and sealing services are also offered.

Core Services:
On-site repairs, large and small
Internal and external field tank coatings and tank linings
Turnkey service available, including sandblasting, containment, environmental control, casting and lining, and clean up.
Rubber lined tanks, cured, uncured, and chemical cured systems